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Over the past ten years, we have probably photographed over a thousand women and one thing that has surprised us are the reasons women book a boudoir photo shoot.

Before we started, we had a vision that we would provide an intimate, personal experience and it would be something memorable. After all, spending the day in front of the camera and being the centre of attention would surely make anyone feel special?

What we quickly realised, was that our perception of the reasons the shoot is ‘special’ was vastly different from the ladies perceptions.

Sure, the shoot itself is fun and it’s a unique experience. Spending time with a personal make-up artist and hairdresser beforehand, selecting your own outfits and acting out a few poses in front of the camera is a first-time experience for 99% of the ladies we meet.

However, on talking to our clients we quickly found out that the experience on the day itself is only a small part of their motivation to have a shoot.

You see, before each shoot, we have an in-depth talk with each client. What we found very early on, was that each client had their own unique story to tell and reason for booking a shoot.

Reasons Women Book a Boudoir Photo Shoot

And the reasons were as wide and they were varied.

Suddenly, we realised that we had a huge responsibility to these ladies. A responsibility to make sure that we made each and every booking special with their reasons in mind,

So, we’ve compiled a list:

‘Ten Most Popular Reasons Women Book a Boudoir Photo Shoot

In no particular order;

Reaching a weight milestone

After, often years, of battling with their weight, some women choose to mark the occasion with a photo shoot. For some, it’s the crowning moment of their weight-loss journey and the thing that inspires them to keep going.

Before and after having children

Our bodies change after childbirth. Some choose to have a shoot beforehand as a way of remembering how they once were. For others, it’s to celebrate their bodies after childbirth – to still feel proud and beautiful, despite the changes to their bodies.

Wedding, anniversary or birthday present

Probably the most common reason people book a photo shoot. A set of boudoir photographs is a very unique and special present for a partner… and often completely unexpected.

Simply because it would be a fun experience

These are the people who have a bucket list! The ones who want to live life to the full and try things they’ve never done before. These shoots are normally all about having fun with the shoot, playing to the camera and making it a day to remember.

A present for a partner working away

Our careers and jobs can sometimes take us away from our loved ones, or our loved ones away from us. Quite often we photograph ladies who want to send something special and intimate to their partner working away or serving away in the armed forces.



Having a photo shoot after getting a divorce is more common than you may think. The shoot is to remind them that they are beautiful and valuable. For some it’s to celebrate the occasion, for others it’s a way of taking back control of their life.

Over-coming a health issue/scare

We all, probably, know someone suffering from a major health issue. Some are lucky to win their battle and a boudoir photo shoot is their way of celebrating who they are and what they’ve come through.

Confidence building

One of the most common pieces of feedback we receive from our clients is how the photo-shoot gave them a new sense of confidence. Some describe the experience as life-changing, giving them the confidence to do things they would never have been able to do before.


With confidence comes empowerment. A boudoir shoot can remind you of who you really are, the strong and confident women that lives inside you – the one that you need to find and radiate.

To remember I am beautiful, whatever my size, shape or weight

Beauty isn’t measured in inches, it’s measured in the nontangible qualities we demonstrate. Our clients are blown away by their photos, with many still not actually believing that it’s them in the photos. “I never knew I could look that beautiful” is often something we hear.

Boudoir photography has an amazing power to transform how women feel about themselves and their bodies.

Many women think they could never do a photoshoot like this – we want to prove to you that you can!

There are many reasons that women book a boudoir photo shoot, what will your be?

Have a look through our work, read our reviews, and contact us if you have any questions, or click here to book a photo shoot.

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