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Today we share ’10 Tips to Face your Fears’ and try to cope with anxieties.

We all have fears.

Some are probably a little irrational. For example, Aibohphobia, which is the fear of words that are spelt backwards. Yes, that does exist!

Others, however, can be daily fears and these can make us anxious and nervous.

Over the years we’ve photographed over a thousand women, 99% of which felt a little anxious or nervous before their shoot.

So, here are 10 tips to face those fears.

10 Tips to Face your Fears


To help your mind cope with panic, breathing can help. Breathe deeply and slowly, stay where you are and allow yourself to feel the panic. With practice, your mind will get used to coping with it.

Visualise yourself  happy, safe and calm

Close your eyes and imagine a place of safety and calm or a memory that makes you happy or confident. Allow yourself to feel that emotion as if you were there. Now hang on to that feeling.

Take time out

Take time out to calm down. This could be a short walk, a good brew or even having a bath. It’s difficult to think clearly and deal with fears if you’re overwhelmed by anxiety.

Look at evidence

Many people overcome their fears – see how other people have coped with what you’re facing.

If it’s a boudoir shoot that scares you, take a look at our testimonials from women who were scared initially, but left feeling empowered and confident.

You don’t have to be perfect immediately

We are often our own worst enemy and our own worst critic. To do something or try something new, doesn’t mean you have to be perfect at it immediately.

We’re all about confidence for women and we have bags of experience in helping women look their best in front of the camera.

By the time you have finished, you’ll have surprised yourself.

What’s the worst that can happen?

For some fears, this probably isn’t’ much help. For example, if you have a fear of heights and someone asks you to stand on a ledge then you could quite clearly fall to an early demise!

When you’re with us, however, the worst that can happen is we take a photo you don’t like.  We immediately delete it, take your feedback on board and we reshoot again until you are happy.

There are far scarier things in everyday life!

Talk to someone… or Aby!

Talking about something always helps.

Here at Moving Pictures, we have Aby! Aby is our very own personal stylist and one-half of Moving Pictures and is here to support you in whatever way, both prior to, during and after your shoot. 

You can contact her for some reassurance and to discuss any fears you may have. She’s helped thousands of ladies to overcome nerves, to enjoy preparing for the shoot and to grow in confidence throughout every stage of this experience.

Read more about Aby here.

Recognise the positive side of fear

Fear can heighten your senses and awareness to keep you alert and help you properly prepare.

The first time you face your fear is usually the hardest – after that, it becomes easier and easier.

For boudoir in particular, once you’ve been through the process and see the results, you’ll no longer have a fear of being in front of a camera.

In fact, many women say they’d love to do it again!

Reward yourself

Set yourself a reward for overcoming your fear. When you face your fear excited and motivated about the reward you will get, this will drive you on.

For our clients, seeing the end results in the images is reward-enough.

Just do it

Say no more!

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