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If you’re thinking about booking your own unique boudoir photoshoot (or maybe you’ve booked already!), here are our 10 Top Tips on choosing the perfect outfits…

1. Make sure it fits!  If we could only give you one Top Tip, then this would be it.  Your outfits need to give you that Va Va Voom to exude confidence and gorgeousness in your photos – they must must must fit you properly!

2. Flatter your Shape.  We are very lucky to live in a world with such huge choice – and that goes for underwear too! Make sure your outfit does what you want it to…so if you have a great bust, ensure it has the support it deserves! If you have a more petite figure, consider stretchy, lacy items rather than lots of structure.

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3. Don’t chop yourself in half!  Many bodice style tops end with a hem which cuts across or just below the navel. A straight line across the middle of your body will not flatter any shape – avoid!

4. What do you want on show?  It is entirely up to you how much or how little you want to reveal.  From a full length negligee with a satin robe to implied or total nude, what you wear (or don’t wear!) is your choice. Bra and knicker sets work fantastically well if you’re wanting to show off a toned midriff. If you are conscious of your tummy area, then a chemise, bodice or corset will give you much more confidence in your shoot and will look amazing.

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5. Check it’s clean and intact! You don’t want to arrive at the studio to find your favourite underwear has a hole in, ribbons missing, a broken fastening or torn lace.  Your photos will be something to look back on forever – check and double check your outfits are as perfect as you’ll want them to be!

6. Can you move?  Steel boned corsets can create a truly fabulous shape – but have you ever tried posing in one?!  Unless you wear a corset on a regular basis, we recommend steering clear of these – a “fashion” style corset which acrylic boning can work well as these will flex with your body when you move.  But make sure you try it on and practice!

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7. Make it special! For most people, this is a once in a lifetime experience.  Go for something different to your everyday underwear – this is your chance to dazzle and your underwear should be a “show off” piece!

8. Big pants, small pants….make sure you choose your knickers well!  If you are wearing a bodice, chemise or babydoll, you will catch a glimpse of what lies beneath in certain poses. With a bra and knicker combo, you’ll want to be sure they match and fit perfectly as your knickers will be on full show. G strings or thongs can look great if you are happy to fully reveal your derriere – if you prefer some coverage then Brazilian cut, lacy shorts, or full knickers with a detailed edging all work very well.

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9. Stockings or not?  As always, the choice is yours.  Stockings and suspenders can perfectly complete a sexy boudoir look – but if they are really not “you” then you don’t have to wear them!  Bare legs can look great too or you can go for hold-ups, but do make sure they fit well and don’t dig in. Always ALWAYS bring at least 2 pairs – you know why!!


10. Try, try and try again.   OK, we admit it – this is an echo of Tip number 1!  When choosing your outfits, ALWAYS try them on – but don’t just stand in front of a mirror to make sure they fit…you won’t be doing much standing in your boudoir shoot! If you can, try lying down on your front and on your back to check there are no gaps or areas where the outfit digs in.  Use a mirror behind your head to be able to see what’s happening – or a willing friend or partner!

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Don’t forget that you have your very own personal stylist for your shoot with us here at Moving Pictures Photography – me! I’m on hand to help you every single step of the way, from your pre-shoot consultation to being there throughout your shoot. You can speak to me anytime, so if you need some advice whilst you’re out shopping or want help choosing what will work for you, I’m there to call, text or email.

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Aby Mason

Personal stylist

Moving Pictures Photography


PS. Want more information on how to plan your perfect photoshoot? We have a 30 page Ebook just for you!

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