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We are very lucky to receive wonderful feedback from our lovely customers, but it really made us smile to read Steve’s words – so to all you chaps out there wondering why your special lady would want to do a photoshoot (and whether you’ll like the results), read on!

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I want to say how grateful I am to Keith and Aby for making my fiancee feel like the special woman she truly is.

From a male perspective, the work done by Keith, Aby and Bebe (one of Moving Pictures’ team of hair and make-up artists) is totally amazing. I picked up my fiancee after she had her photo shoot and she came out absolutely buzzing. She LOOKED confident.

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She wanted to do a photoshoot as a wedding present for me and, as she isn’t confident, she wanted to to a vintage pinup shoot but after chatting to Aby she decided to do a boudoir style shoot instead.

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She said that she loved every minute of it and felt her confidence grow with every pose. She was full of praise for everything you did and felt glad she did it.

When I saw the images I was totally stunned. So much so I was speechless (a rarity). Keith and crew had brought out the beauty of my fiancee and she finally saw herself as myself and others see her.

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The hardest part was choosing which photos to have. You’re not just investing inĀ images – you’re investing in new-found or rediscovered confidence….it’s about making her (YOU) feel special, glamorous and above all, a beautiful woman.

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We would (and have done) recommend this to everyone. If you’re thinking about doing it, then do it…for any reason – a confidence boost, gift to a partner or just because.

Many MANY thanks to you all.


PS. Want more information on how to plan your perfect photoshoot? We have a 30 page Ebook just for you!

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