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Are you nervous about booking your photoshoot? Or have you already booked and can feel the butterflies already?  At Moving Pictures, we know that almost all of our customers have a degree of nervousness at some stage when booking their shoot or in the studio. We also know that it’s completely normal, and that it very very soon goes away!

Of course, that’s easy for us to say!  But bear with us…after many years’ experience of putting our customers at ease, we can absolutely 100% promise you that nerves will not stop you having the most amazing experience at your photoshoot.

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So first of all, let’s think about what may be making those butterflies take flight – these are the top 6 things we hear most from our clients:

1. Posing – what on earth do I do?!

2. Posing…in front of a stranger! (in my underwear!!)

3. What if I make a fool of myself?

4. I’m not entirely comfortable with all of my bits!

5. Will I like my hair and make-up?

6. What will I look like in my photos?

The great news is, we will help you EVERY step of the way and we’ll make sure we do everything we can to help keep those nerves in check!

The one surprising thing we tell our clients is that some nerves are a GOOD thing – yes really!  It means that you are doing something a little out of the ordinary – your photoshoot will be a truly unique experience and a few goosebumps or tummy flutters are a very natural reaction to something new, unknown and exciting.

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1. Posing…. We wouldn’t expect you to come into the studio and know how to set up the lights – and the same goes for posing. Most of us aren’t professional models – and those of us that are have had to LEARN how to pose!

You will have your own pre-shoot consultation with your female personal stylist Aby – that’s me! I will chat to you about pose ideas and what will work well for you, as well as outfits, set styles and the general “feel” of images you love.

Once you are in front of the camera, we will guide you through everything – we demonstrate poses first and then will help you with gentle direction for each pose. We’ll show you how to position your fingertips right through to where to focus your gaze. So you don’t need to worry about a thing!

2. …in front of a stranger (in my underwear!): We won’t feel like strangers for long! We’re a small and friendly team and our beautiful studio is a very calming space.  You are welcome to come along to the studio for your pre-shoot consultation in person with me ahead of your shoot – in fact, we strongly recommend that you do, as this really helps in getting over fear of the unknown (plus you’ll know how to find the studio on the day of your shoot!)

You are an individual and we will always make sure we respect your own levels of comfort – we have a choice of robes in the studio (fluffy and snuggly or silky and cool!) to wear in between shots, and you can take a break at any time you like during your shoot. I am on hand the whole time to make sure everything is just right – from checking that straps aren’t twisted, to adjusting hairstyles and getting stocking seams perfectly straight! I am your right hand woman throughout your shoot and I’ll help you every step of the way.

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3. What if I make a fool of myself?:  Throughout your shoot, we will show you some of your shots on the back of the camera so you get an immediate feel for what we are capturing. The worst thing that can happen in your photoshoot is that we take a photo that you don’t like.  We press “delete”. Then we try something else!

4. I’m not entirely comfortable with all of my bits!:  Most of us ladies have some areas of ourselves we aren’t 100% happy with. Talk to me honestly during your pre-shoot consultation – I’ll be asking you to tell me about the bits you (or your partner) like most about yourself so we can focus on what makes you smile, as well as advising you on the right poses and outfits to flatter or conceal any less well-loved areas.

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5. Will I like my hair and make-up?: We want you to feel absolutely amazing for your photoshoot – and that’s why we use professional hair and make-up artists that we trust to give you the look YOU want.  I’ll chat to you ahead of your shoot about styles you like and your pro-artist can give you advice on the day too.

You’ll be able to see how you’re liking things along the way during your makeover, and there’s always the opportunity to change things if you wish. We always take a test shot too and show you on the back of the camera, as this gives you a much better idea of how fabulous your hair and make-up will look in your photos.

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6. What will I look like in my photos?: You won’t need to wait for your viewing session to see what we are capturing – we will show you some shots on the back of the camera so you can see what we see. Remember we will be guiding you on posing, lighting you perfectly and making sure that everything is looking fabulous – the camera is capturing you in a way you may not have seen yourself before, so prepare yourself for some “Wow” moments…

So now take a deep breath and prepare for your next step…your very own photoshoot!

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Aby Mason

Personal stylist

Moving Pictures Photography

PS. Want more information on how to plan your perfect photoshoot? We have a free guide just for you!

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