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Introducing Aby – Your Personal Stylist!

To give you the best experience possible and to ensure you leave feeling happy, empowered and radiating confidence, it’s important that we’ve really understood what you want from your photo shoot.

We’ve photographed over a thousand women over the past 10 years, each different and with their own unique story.

This means that no two photo shoots are the same. Each one is tailored to the individual.

For us to get this bit right, we have our very own Personal Stylist – Aby. Aby is one-half of Moving Pictures – we’ll tell you more about the other half in another post!

Actually, the title “Personal Stylist” doesn’t do Aby justice. Helping to style you is just a small part of Aby’s role, so we thought we’d shine a spotlight on her role give you a bit of insight into what she does here at Moving Pictures to ensure you get the best experience possible.

Pre-Shoot Consultation

Once your photo shoot is booked it’s natural to feel nervous, even anxious about what you’ve got yourself into! Almost everyone that comes through our door feels like this at some point during their journey with us.

The pre-shoot consultation is the time for Aby to talk to you and settle those nerves.

Aby always offers a face-to-face consultation meeting via Zoom. It’s hugely beneficial to “meet” before the day of your shoot, so linking up in a virtual meeting is the safest and most effective way of Aby getting to know you better, and for you to feel more familiar and comfortable with Aby and with the experience you are embarking on.  Don’t worry if you don’t have access to the technology to meet via Zoom, as a telephone consultation can be arranged if needed.

Your consultation is the time for Aby to answer all your questions, to give you a complete overview of the process and to help you with every part of preparing for your shoot.

Understanding You

One of the most important ingredients for a great photo shoot is first understanding who you are.

Aby will chat with you to understand the reasons you’ve decided to have a photo shoot with us and also what this experience means to you, so we can tailor the style and feel of your images.

Outfits, hair and makeup

Some of our clients come through the doors knowing exactly what they want to wear. Many, however, need a little guidance.

Aby is on hand throughout your journey to offer advice on outfit choices (including the best places to go shopping if you want to buy something new!), hair styling and makeup. 

Or, if there’s anything specific you have in mind, Aby can chat this through with you.


Unless you’ve had some modelling experience, it’s very unlikely you’ll know how best to pose to bring out the best of you in the finished photos.

Not only is Aby here to suggest a range of poses, but she will also demonstrate each pose in detail before we even turn the camera on. She is also on hand to style every single shot, checking every last detail is perfect on camera.

Put you at ease

Many of our clients feel nervous on the day of their shoot, which is completely natural – after all, this isn’t something you do every day!

As soon as you walk through our door, Aby is there to calm your nerves and put you at ease.

You only need to read through our testimonials to see that these nerves or feelings of anxiety soon dissipate and turn into a feeling of pride, satisfaction and joy.

Post-shoot contact

After your shoot, we’ll need to prepare your final images ready for you to view. Aby is available during this time to keep you posted on when they’ll be ready and to answer any questions you may have following your shoot.

Your right-hand woman

Aby is there to support you in whatever way suits you both prior to, during and after your shoot. 

You can contact her for advice, answers or just for some reassurance at any time.  She’s helped thousands of ladies to overcome nerves, to enjoy preparing for the shoot and to grow in confidence throughout every stage of this experience.

Aby is there for you every step of the way!

The experience that you go through and the positive impact this can have on your life goes far beyond the actual photo shoot. For us, this is the most important thing.

If you’d like to find out more, please take a look at our work, read our reviews and contact us to book your very own boudoir photo shoot.