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What do I do if I feel nervous about my shoot with Moving Pictures?

Hi – Aby here, I’m the personal stylist here at Moving Pictures Boudoir.

If you’re like 99% of ladies who have had a photoshoot with us, it’s likely you’re going to feel nervous as the day of your photoshoot approaches.

That’s perfectly normal, and we can help you manage it, so it doesn’t get in the way of enjoying your shoot.

Let’s break this feeling down to what it is. What exactly are the nerves, and why would you feel nervous about this?

Fear of the unknown

You’ve not done this before – if you had, you wouldn’t be feeling nervous now! This is perfectly natural to experience when doing something new for the first time.

It will pass – normally in the first five minutes of the shoot, and it probably isn’t anything like you’re imagining.

Here’s what other clients have said – https://movingpicturesboudoir.co.uk/page/reviews

I don’t like photos of myself / I’ll hate all the photos

Everyone says this to us before their shoot.

We’re all used to being photographed really badly these days, and feeling like we’re not photogenic or whatever. If someone takes a bad photo of you, whose fault is it? It’s the person taking the photo’s fault, not yours.

We have ten years experience photographing thousands of women, 99% of whom feel the same way about their photograph being taken.

We have NEVER had anyone tell us they don’t like their images, and there’s a good reason for that – we show you every image as we take it, and if we don’t see you go “wow”, we shoot it again until you do.

You’ll see all my wobbly bits

OK – firstly, you’re in a robe until you pose for the shot, you’re not walking around in lingerie.

Secondly, yes, we will see some of them, and you know what – we don’t care, and neither should you. We do this, and only this, 24/7 – it’s completely matter-of-fact to us.

We see so many different shapes and sizes, and we’re focused entirely on making you look amazing.  There are no judgements here and negativity is left at the door and banned from the studio! 

It’s really simple – we show the bits you like, we hide the bits you don’t. Whereas it might sound scary, it’s actually really empowering to do.

I won’t be able to do it / I won’t do it right

There’s nothing to get wrong. We don’t expect you to do anything – we pose you, direct you, tweak everything, light you beautifully and show you the results.

The only thing you have to do is tell us what you like and what you don’t. You can’t get it wrong or not be able to “do it”.

So what should you do if nerves are getting the better of you?

Firstly, just LET YOURSELF BE NERVOUS. It’s going to happen to everyone to some degree, and it will pass. You’re doing something which is probably outside of your comfort zone, and that will always make us nervous, especially as we get older  – but we can’t let fear stop us from doing the things we want to do, otherwise it wins. Nerves are ultimately just a form of excitement – raised heart rate, heightened sense of awareness, quickened thoughts. They can’t hurt you, and getting past them to do something you want to do always feels amazing.

The hardest thing is getting in through the studio doors – after you’ve done that, it gets easier and easier.

So just tell yourself – all I’m going to do is summon just enough courage to walk in the door. That’s the ONE BIT we can’t help you with, and once you’ve done that, we’ll look after you from there.  We promise you, once you’re here, you’re home and dry. Remember, you’re always in control. You decide what you want to do and what you don’t, and we respect your feelings at every turn.

Think about this, too. The very worst thing that could happen is we take a photograph you don’t like – and all we do then is change the pose, lighting and/or expression until you do.

Once you compare this to the genuinely difficult things we all encounter in life, you’ll see that not only was it a walk in the park by comparison, but you’ve enjoyed it much more than you were expecting and got a lasting benefit from doing it.

So. if nerves really are getting the better of you, CALL ME and let’s talk it through. That’s what I’m here for, and exactly what we as a studio are set up to do.

Aby Mason

Personal stylist, Moving Pictures Boudoir

5 Tips to improve your body confidence

Today, we discuss tips to improve your body confidence.

Overall, as we get older we gain more confidence. In fact, studies have shown that our experiences make us feel more capable and effective in dealing with life as we get older. So with each year that passes we get better at dealing with the general ups and downs of daily life.

We develop a certain resistance to the many challenges we face.

Until it comes to body confidence!

As we age our bodies change and many find it difficult to welcome these natural changes in our body’s shape and size.

Many of these changes are brought on by natural events such as childbirth, the menopause and plain ageing.

However, we should embrace these changes, even celebrate them!

Here we have 5 tips to improve your body confidence


The easiest and quickest way to boost your self-image and, in turn, your confidence is by simple changes to your wardrobe. Wearing the right style and fit based on your size and shape can make all the difference to how you look and how you feel about yourself.

You are you

Comparing yourself to ‘others’ is a surefire way to feed that self-doubt. You are unique – live the life that you want to live and don’t be influenced by others. Make it your own.


Celebrate what’s right rather than focus on what you don’t like. None of us has the perfect body and we all have negative hangups about some part of our bodies. Celebrate the positives.

tips to improve your body confidence

Take action

Accept where you are and then take action to fix your insecurities. If it means adding more physical activity to your lifestyle, changing your diet or fixing some habits, just do it. One small step at a time will eventually get you there.

Love and care for your body

Your body is the most amazing thing you’ll ever own. Look after it, care for it, love it. Reward yourself, pamper yourself, love yourself.

A boudoir photo shoot can help improve your body confidence. It is an empowering and confidence-building experience and has the power to transform how women feel about themselves and their bodies.

Many women think they could never do a photoshoot like this – we want to prove to you that you can!

Have a look through our work, read our reviews, and contact us if you have any questions, or click here to book a photo shoot.

See our recent blog post on Aby, Moving Pictures’s very own studio stylist and your right-hand woman.

A profile on Aby – Moving Pictures Stylist

To give you the best experience possible and to ensure you leave feeling happy, empowered and radiating confidence, it’s important that we’ve really understood what you want from your photo shoot.

We’ve photographed over a thousand women over the past 10 years, each different and with their own unique story.

This means that no two photo shoots are the same. Each one is tailored to the individual.

For us to get this bit right, we have our very own personal stylist Aby. Aby is one-half of Moving Pictures, but more on that in another blog post!

Actually, the title personal stylist doesn’t do Aby justice. Helping to style you is just a small part of Aby’s role, so we thought we’d shine a spotlight on her and give you a bit of insight into what she does here at Moving pictures to ensure you get the best experience possible.

Pre-Shoot Consultation

Once your photo shoot is booked it’s natural to feel nervous, even anxious about what you’ve got yourself into. Almost everyone that comes through our door feels like this at some point during their journey with us.

The pre-shoot consultation is the time for Aby to talk to you and settle those nerves.

Aby always offers a face-to-face consultation meeting. It’s hugely beneficial to come along to the studio beforehand and feel familiar with us and the surroundings before the day of your shoot.  Of course, we understand that this may not always be practical, so she can chat over the phone if you’re not able to visit us.

Your consultation is the time for Aby to answer all your questions, to give you a complete overview of the process and to help you with every part of preparing for your shoot.

Understanding You

One of the most important ingredients for a great photo shoot is first understanding who you are.

Aby will chat with you to understand the reasons you’ve decided to have a photo shoot with us and also what this experience means to you, so we can tailor the style and feel of your images.

Outfits, hair and makeup

Some of our clients come through the doors knowing exactly what they want to wear. Many, however, need a little guidance.

Aby is on hand throughout your journey to offer advice on outfit choices (including the best places to go shopping if you want to buy something new!), hair styling and makeup. 

Or, if there’s anything specific you have in mind, Aby can chat this through with you.


Unless you’ve had some modelling experience, it’s very unlikely you’ll know how best to pose to bring out the best of you in the finished photos.

Not only is Aby here to suggest a range of poses, but she will also demonstrate each pose in detail before we even turn the camera on. She is also on hand to style every single shot, checking every last detail is perfect on camera.

Put you at ease

Many of our clients feel nervous on the day of their shoot, which is completely natural – after all, this isn’t something you do every day!

As soon as you walk through our door, Aby is there to calm your nerves and put you at ease.

You only need to read through our testimonials to see that these nerves or feelings of anxiety soon dissipate and turn into a feeling of pride, satisfaction and joy.

Post-shoot contact

After your shoot, we’ll need to prepare your final images ready for you to view. Aby is available during this time to keep you posted on when they’ll be ready and to answer any questions you may have since your shoot.

Your right-hand woman

Aby is there to support you in whatever way suits you both prior to, during and after your shoot. 

You can contact her for advice, answers or just for some reassurance at any time.  She’s helped thousands of ladies to overcome nerves, to enjoy preparing for the shoot and to grow in confidence throughout every stage of this experience.

Aby is there for you every step of the way!

The experience that you go through and the positive impact this can have on your life goes far beyond the actual photo shoot. For us, this is the most important thing.

Would you like to have a boudoir photo shoot?

Have a look through our work, read our reviews and contact us to book your very own boudoir photo shoot.

6 Reasons Women Don’t Book a Boudoir Photo Shoot

In this blog post we discuss 6 reasons women don’t book a boudoir photo shoot.

When we’re not in the studio we’re often out and about in our local community.

When we meet new people, the conversation will inevitably turn to what we do in our working lives and when we tell people we shoot boudoir, the general reaction is one of interest and intrigue.

reasons women don’t book a boudoir photo shoot

Inevitably, after they’ve told us how unique and interesting it must be, we’ll ask them if they’ve ever considered having a boudoir photo shoot themselves.

“What me… heavens no” or our favourite, “It looks amazing… but I could never do that.”

Here are some of the most common reasons why women believe they can’t or shouldn’t have a boudoir photo shoot themselves.

6 reasons women don’t book a boudoir photo shoot

1) Too many lumps, bumps and blemishes

So what… who doesn’t? And to be fair, very few of us are body-confident, so don’t worry, you’re in good company! Seriously though, a boudoir shoot is about capturing the essence of you – your inner beauty and personality are what will shine through.

2) I’m too old

Too old to look beautiful, to radiate confidence… to show the women inside? Really? In our experience, it’s the older age groups that have a story to tell. The experiences that shaped them, the challenges they’ve overcome, the life events that have left their mark.

3) I don’t feel comfortable being half-naked in front of a camera

As mentioned above, you don’t have to be half-naked to look amazing! During the consultation we discuss, in-depth, the type of person you are and the type of images you’d like to see.

4) I’m not sexy

The thing is, you don’t need to be confident before you do a Boudoir shoot with us. It’s the other way around! This experience is designed to give you confidence – that’s what we’re all about.

We know our clients are most likely going to be nervous – naturally, as this is outside of most people’s comfort zone – and that’s why we go the extra mile to make sure you’re fully prepared before the session, that you feel comfortable and safe and that you actively enjoy it!

People who’ve not done this before expect that the nerves won’t go away, that they won’t like any of their photographs, and/or they won’t have the courage to experience it for themselves. However, if you read on our website what previous customers said about their time with us, you’ll see that’s not the case

5) I don’t want my picture posted online

None of our photo shoot images is shared online without the explicit permission of the client. Many choose to keep them private and to only share them with people they choose so rest assured, you have complete control as to what happens with the images.

6) I won’t know what to do, how to pose, what to wear

This certainly isn’t a ‘sink or swim’ experience! Our personal stylist will talk you through outfit choice, hair and makeup and demonstrate all the poses on the day before we even turn the camera on for each image. We’ve photographed over a thousand women in the past ten years, so we have plenty of experience in bringing out the best in you, making you feel comfortable and revealing the inner you in each photo shoot.

A boudoir photo shoot is an empowering and confidence-building experience and has the power to transform how women feel about themselves and their bodies.

There are many other reasons women don’t book boudoir a photo shoot – we want to prove to you that you can!

Have a look through our work, read our reviews, and contact us if you have any questions, or click here to book a photo shoot.

10 Reasons Women Book a Boudoir Photo Shoot

Over the past ten years, we have probably photographed over a thousand women and one thing that has surprised us are the reasons women book a boudoir photo shoot.

Before we started, we had a vision that we would provide an intimate, personal experience and it would be something memorable. After all, spending the day in front of the camera and being the centre of attention would surely make anyone feel special?

What we quickly realised, was that our perception of the reasons the shoot is ‘special’ was vastly different from the ladies perceptions.

Sure, the shoot itself is fun and it’s a unique experience. Spending time with a personal make-up artist and hairdresser beforehand, selecting your own outfits and acting out a few poses in front of the camera is a first-time experience for 99% of the ladies we meet.

However, on talking to our clients we quickly found out that the experience on the day itself is only a small part of their motivation to have a shoot.

You see, before each shoot, we have an in-depth talk with each client. What we found very early on, was that each client had their own unique story to tell and reason for booking a shoot.

Reasons Women Book a Boudoir Photo Shoot

And the reasons were as wide and they were varied.

Suddenly, we realised that we had a huge responsibility to these ladies. A responsibility to make sure that we made each and every booking special with their reasons in mind,

So, we’ve compiled a list:

‘Ten Most Popular Reasons Women Book a Boudoir Photo Shoot

In no particular order;

Reaching a weight milestone

After, often years, of battling with their weight, some women choose to mark the occasion with a photo shoot. For some, it’s the crowning moment of their weight-loss journey and the thing that inspires them to keep going.

Before and after having children

Our bodies change after childbirth. Some choose to have a shoot beforehand as a way of remembering how they once were. For others, it’s to celebrate their bodies after childbirth – to still feel proud and beautiful, despite the changes to their bodies.

Wedding, anniversary or birthday present

Probably the most common reason people book a photo shoot. A set of boudoir photographs is a very unique and special present for a partner… and often completely unexpected.

Simply because it would be a fun experience

These are the people who have a bucket list! The ones who want to live life to the full and try things they’ve never done before. These shoots are normally all about having fun with the shoot, playing to the camera and making it a day to remember.

A present for a partner working away

Our careers and jobs can sometimes take us away from our loved ones, or our loved ones away from us. Quite often we photograph ladies who want to send something special and intimate to their partner working away or serving away in the armed forces.



Having a photo shoot after getting a divorce is more common than you may think. The shoot is to remind them that they are beautiful and valuable. For some it’s to celebrate the occasion, for others it’s a way of taking back control of their life.

Over-coming a health issue/scare

We all, probably, know someone suffering from a major health issue. Some are lucky to win their battle and a boudoir photo shoot is their way of celebrating who they are and what they’ve come through.

Confidence building

One of the most common pieces of feedback we receive from our clients is how the photo-shoot gave them a new sense of confidence. Some describe the experience as life-changing, giving them the confidence to do things they would never have been able to do before.


With confidence comes empowerment. A boudoir shoot can remind you of who you really are, the strong and confident women that lives inside you – the one that you need to find and radiate.

To remember I am beautiful, whatever my size, shape or weight

Beauty isn’t measured in inches, it’s measured in the nontangible qualities we demonstrate. Our clients are blown away by their photos, with many still not actually believing that it’s them in the photos. “I never knew I could look that beautiful” is often something we hear.

Boudoir photography has an amazing power to transform how women feel about themselves and their bodies.

Many women think they could never do a photoshoot like this – we want to prove to you that you can!

There are many reasons that women book a boudoir photo shoot, what will your be?

Have a look through our work, read our reviews, and contact us if you have any questions, or click here to book a photo shoot.

6 Benefits of a Boudoir Photo Shoot

The one thing many don’t realise is all the benefits of a boudoir photo shoot.

Some women choose to have a boudoir photo shoot as a gift for a significant other, whilst others simply do it as a gift to themselves!

6 Benefits of having a boudoir photo shoot.

1. Empowerment

We all have imperfections, nobody is perfect, and to move past these insecurities takes courage. After your boudoir shoot, you will realise that your body is nothing to look down on, it’s sexy and beautiful.

“I’ve struggled with body issues for most of my life being a larger lady and had never considered a boudoir shoot. I can say it was one of the most liberating experiences I have ever had. Aby and Keith made me feel very at ease with the whole experience – and the photos speak for themselves.

Many thanks”


2. Confidence

As with anything outside of your comfort zone, it’s scary at first.

However, afterwards, you will have a new sense of confidence. Seeing your final images will remind you that nothing is impossible and that you can do anything you put your mind to.

“I left the studio feeling transformed, beautiful, sensual and womanly!Every girl needs such a self-esteem boost!  It should be a prescribed therapy!”

Isabela M

3. Body-Confidence

Posing in front of a camera can be nerve-wracking at first, especially when you’re in lingerie or while partially naked.

However, after spending an hour with a professional hair and makeup artist those nerves will soon dissipate. Our personal stylist will then take you through a range of poses and you’ll also get to see the photos as we shoot them.

“A massive thank you to you both.

Before the day, I was honestly ready to pick up the phone and cancel my shoot. The last thing I wanted was my lumps and bumps forever immortalised on camera.

Wow, I couldn’t have been more wrong!

I’m so so pleased I plucked up the courage to do this! From the moment I walked in, I was made to feel welcome and put at ease instantly.
Happy memories. If anyone is sat there thinking that they can’t do it, do it! You will honestly not regret it.”

Emma B

4. Memories that will last

Every time you look at your photos, you will be reminded of the experience. The nerves and worries beforehand, turning to joy and excitement. Furthermore, These types of memories last a lifetime.

“I left feeling like a million dollars with photos I shall treasure forever. Thanks”

Angie D

5. Show’s you can be sexy

Every woman is sexy in her own way, including you! Furthermore, it doesn’t matter about your age, shape or size, a boudoir photo shoot will remind you that you’re still sexy.

benefits of a boudoir photo shoot

“The natural make-up, constant laughter and excellent photography mean I have a selection of images which look glamorous. Most importantly, they show that I was having a great time and reflect a sparkle in my eye I thought I was too old to find again.”

Sue S

6) Radiate Confidence

When you feel confident inside, it radiates outwards. Other people will notice your new-found sense of confidence – in other words, it will show!

benefits of a boudoir photo shoot

“Years of abuse, put-downs and anxiety were wiped away when Keith showed me the slide show of my pictures on the big screen. In short, I saw a confident, beautiful, happy woman and it was me.

It sounds corny but it was like a wave of emotion – I was seeing me for the first time, and I liked what I was seeing.”

Wendy F

Why Moving Pictures?

Here at Moving Pictures Boudoir we promote body confidence and positive change for women, through our transformative Boudoir makeovers and photo shoots.

These benefits of a boudoir photo shoot show that Boudoir photography has amazing power. Consequently, it has the power to transform how women feel about themselves and their bodies.

Have a look through our work, read our reviews, and contact us if you have any questions, or click here to book a photo shoot.