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If you’re like 99% of ladies who have had a photoshoot with us, it’s likely you’re going to feel nervous as the day of your photoshoot approaches.

That’s perfectly normal, and we can help you manage it, so it doesn’t get in the way of enjoying your shoot.

Let’s break this feeling down to what it is. What exactly are the nerves, and why would you feel nervous about this?

Fear of the unknown

You’ve not done this before – if you had, you wouldn’t be feeling nervous now! This is perfectly natural to experience when doing something new for the first time.

It will pass – normally in the first five minutes of the shoot, and it probably isn’t anything like you’re imagining.

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I don’t like photos of myself / I’ll hate all the photos

Everyone says this to us before their shoot.

We’re all used to being photographed really badly these days, and feeling like we’re not photogenic or whatever. If someone takes a bad photo of you, whose fault is it? It’s the person taking the photo’s fault, not yours.

We have ten years experience photographing thousands of women, 99% of whom feel the same way about their photograph being taken.

We have NEVER had anyone tell us they don’t like any of their images, and there’s a good reason for that – we show you every image as we take it, and if we don’t see you go “wow”, we shoot it again until you do.

You’ll see all my wobbly bits

OK – firstly, you’re in a robe until you pose for the shot, you’re not walking around in lingerie.

Secondly, yes, we will see some of them, and you know what – we don’t care, and neither should you. We do this, and only this, 24/7 – it’s completely matter-of-fact to us.

We see so many different shapes and sizes, and we’re focused entirely on making you look amazing.  There are no judgements here and negativity is left at the door and banned from the studio! 

It’s really simple – we show the bits you like, we hide the bits you don’t. Whereas it might sound scary, it’s actually really empowering to do. EVERY body is welcome!

I won’t be able to do it / I won’t do it right

There’s nothing to get wrong. We don’t expect you to do anything – we pose you, direct you, tweak everything, light you beautifully and show you the results.

The only thing you have to do is tell us what you like and what you don’t. You can’t get it wrong or not be able to “do it”.

So what should you do if nerves are getting the better of you?

Firstly, just LET YOURSELF BE NERVOUS. It’s going to happen to everyone to some degree, and it will pass. You’re doing something which is probably outside of your comfort zone, and that will always make us nervous, especially as we get older  – but we can’t let fear stop us from doing the things we want to do, otherwise it wins. Nerves are ultimately just a form of excitement – raised heart rate, heightened sense of awareness, quickened thoughts. They can’t hurt you, and getting past them to do something you want to do always feels amazing.

The hardest thing is getting in through the studio doors – after you’ve done that, it gets easier and easier.

So just tell yourself – all I’m going to do is summon just enough courage to walk in the door. That’s the ONE BIT we can’t help you with, and once you’ve done that, we’ll look after you from there.  We promise you, once you’re here, you’re home and dry. Remember, you’re always in control. You decide what you want to do and what you don’t, and we respect your feelings at every turn.

Think about this, too. The very worst thing that could happen is we take a photograph you don’t like – and all we do then is change the pose, lighting and/or expression until you do.

Once you compare this to the genuinely difficult things we all encounter in life, you’ll see that not only was it a walk in the park by comparison, but you’ve enjoyed it much more than you were expecting and got a lasting benefit from doing it.

So. if nerves really are getting the better of you, CALL US and let’s talk it through. That’s what we’re here for.


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