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At Moving Pictures, we’re all about building confidence in women through an inspirational makeover and Boudoir photo shoot.

Everyone deserves their time in the spotlight, so do it for yourself this summer.

Perhaps you’re celebrating a milestone event in your life, like a birthday, anniversary, marriage… or divorce!

Perhaps you want to find the “old you” again, remind your partner you’re not “just mum”, or find more confidence.

Right now, we’re offering a complimentary makeover and Boudoir photo shoot worth £199!

For your chance to be selected, click here.

Boudoir Makeover and Photo Shoot

Don’t worry if you’ve not done anything like this before, or if the idea makes you feel nervous – we’ve photographed hundreds of women of all ages, shapes and sizes and 99% of our customers never had a Boudoir photo shoot like this before either.

It’s so much easier than you might think. Our personal stylist Aby is on hand to help you all the way through your shoot, guiding you, demonstrating poses and making sure you look amazing (it’s one of the things that make us very different from other studios).

Get in touch with us today – we’ll alleviate any concerns and talk you through the process.

Or, take a look at some of our reviews and read what others have said about their experience with us.



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